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Bullying is NOT accepted at

Bullying is behaviour which is repeated over time which intentionally hurts another individual/group either physically or emotionally. There is a clear procedure which the school follows if an incidents of bullying are reported.

Bullying behaviour includes:

  • Posting degrading images or hurtful comments on social media
  • Sending offensive or degrading images by phone
  • Excluding people from other groups
  • Spreading hurtful and untruthful rumours
  • Taunting
  • Mocking
  • Kicking
  • Pushing
  • Name calling
  • Gossiping
  • Taking belongings
  • Offensive graffiti
  • Making offensive comments

If you feel you are being bullied:

Tell an adult what has happened straight away, or tell another student.

If you find it difficult to talk to anyone at school or at home, you may wish to contact  for confidential advice and support:

  • Freephone 0800 1111
  • CEOP has some excellent resources for parents. 
  • CEOP also produce this site, which again has some good resources. 
  • Community support for children and families. 

Report an Incident

Incidents of bullying or bullying type behaviour can be reported:

  • Directly to a member of staff – this can be any member of staff but the Pastoral team (your Tutor, Head of Year or Pastoral Manager) are recommended.
  • By using the students reporting ‘Drop Box’ located near the student entrance.  Our team of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors regularly check and respond to the slips deposited in this box.
  • Our team of Ambassadors also regularly check and respond to our Anti-Bullying email account:

Each year our new team of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors attend the Princess Diana training day held at Alexandra Palace and also undertake our own internal training on how to mentor. Helping our younger students through times of difficultyis something our ABA team do through their mentor meetings in ‘The Hub’.

Is it really bullying or is it a friendship fall out or conflict situation?

You may find that although what you or your child is experiencing is very upsetting it may not be an incident of bullying.  There may be times when friends fall out and relationships change. We have a chart we go through with students and parents to establish the time frame of the upset and the severity of the comments which have been exchanged. Please see the attached chart.

Anti-Bullying Date
Is it Bullying? 28th Feb 2020
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