The school is currently open as normal.


Student forum

Student Forum empowers students by addressing their needs, interests and concerns through strengthening the links amongst the student body, staff and FOBS (Friends of ). 

As part of the Student Forum body there are focus groups who are involved in various projects like the Year 11 leavers book, rewards in school, fund raising and helping to push the school forward in many different areas.  Student Forum meet regularly to discuss school issues that concern them and every student has the opportunity to engage, challenge and make a difference to their school community.  They are also involved in working with the Essex Youth Assembly (YEA).

Our student leaders are working closely with our prefects this year with a focus on:

  • Improving the school environment
  • Mental health
  • Supporting younger students through mentoring
  • Christmas Shoe Box appeal 

For more information on Student Forum, please contact Ms L Grover (Assistant Headteacher) at the school on 01245 264451.

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