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House system


The House System embeds a sense of community, friendship and healthy competition amongst both students and staff.  A strong house identity empowers our students to participate and thrive in all aspects of school life, both in and out of the classroom.

The qualities instilled by belonging to a house family ensure that ' students go on to value and appreciate making positive contributions to our wider society.

Here at the School we have 6 Houses which are represented by British citizens who have excelled in an area of our Learning Bridge which includes integrity, emotional intelligence, grit, resourcefulness, self-discipline and bravery. 

Our 6 Heads of House are:

Mr D Hardaker - Attenborough House (Orange) INTEGRITY

Mr J Ward (Acting Head) - Bronte House (Blue) EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

Ms J Winstone - Cornwell House (Green) BRAVERY

Ms J Ellinopoulou - Hawking House (Pink) GRIT

Ms Suzanne Lee – Holmes House (Red) SELF DISCIPLINE

Ms S Boyce - Nightingale House (Yellow) RESOURCEFULNESS

House Captains

We have a team of Senior and House Captains across Year 7-13 who work together to support, organise and promote the House System that they represent. Students are given the opportunity to apply for these positions yearly and are decided based on their letter of application.

A student’s House can be identified by the badge that they are wearing.

House Events

Here are some of the confirmed events for this academic year. More information on these events can be accessed through Heads of House, the pastoral weekly PowerPoint and on our social media sites Twitter and Instagram at @Houses. Here you will also find weekly updates on our House League points and other House related news.   


Term 1


Term 2


Term 1


Term 2


Term 1


Term 2

Gothic Bake Off (KS3)

House Quiz

Talent Show

Revision Poster Competition

MFL ‘Masterchef’

Sports Day

Matched Pairs – Halloween theme

School Christmas Card Design Competition

Spelling Bee or Have your say roleplay competition

Humanities Easter Egg Decorating Comp

Design a poster on a recent scientific news story/discovery.


Kindness Cards

House Bingo


Design Challenge



Autumn reading challenge

Biscuit Decorating

Theatre Trip In School – Movie Night




Autumn Film Challenge

Nature photograph competition





Year 7 Animation Competition

Y7 interhouse sport competition





Staff -  Euro / World Bake Off

Theatre Trip In School – Movie Night





Theatre Trip In School – Everybody's Talking About Jamie






MFL ‘Celebration Decoration’ competition







House points

Students contribute to ‘House points’ by receiving achievement points. At the end of each week the House with the highest number of Achievement Points is awarded 60 House Points, with the other Houses being awarded between 10-50 points depending on how many achievement points their House has earned.

Additional House points can be achieved by staff and students by attending and winning House competitions.



House System Date
House Newsletter July 2023
House Newsletter Mar 2023
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