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Exams & revision

Summer 2023 Exam Results

A Level and Level 3 : 17th August

GCSE and Level 1/2 : 24th August

Information on how students will receive their exam results will be confirmed in the Summer term.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) 

Schools and Colleges must adhere to JCQ regulations relating to Level 1/ 2 / 3, GCSE and A level qualifications to maintain the integrity of the exam process.  Students should familiarise themselves with these documents as non-compliance may lead to a penalty by the exam boards, which could include disqualification.

Information for candidates documents Date
A Level Results Day Letter 20 July 2022
GCSE Results Day Letter 20 July 2022
Written Exams 04 Oct 2021
Social Media 4 Oct 2021
Privacy Notice 04 Oct 2021
On-Screen Tests 2021-22 04 Oct 2021
Non Exam Assessments (NEA) 2021-22 04 Oct 2021
Coursework 2021-22 04 Oct 2021
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